Working from home is a necessity… Is your business coping with the change in dynamics?

COVID-19 has spread throughout Australia. The risk of being exposed to the virus is likely to continue for some time. Meeting and working in person only increases that risk.

Do you have risk mitigation strategies in place to enable continued business operations and to protect staff from possible infection?

Design Agility specialises in helping businesses plan and adopt new ways of working that reduce the need for face to face contact whilst:

  • Maintaining communication and collaboration which is essential for the business to operate.
  • Enabling staff to feel connected and included, which is essential to maintain morale and productivity during this difficult period.

For many businesses, this will be a stressful and difficult period of time. Change has been forced on us in a way that upsets our normal rhythm and equilibrium. Many people will be feeling overwhelmed and unsure as to how to proceed.

If your business needs help to develop a plan of action, to understand technology options or to develop communications explaining the changes to your staff, customers and suppliers, we are here to assist you.

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We’ve included some links (provided by Microsoft) to resources that provide thoughts, considerations and options that may help your thinking and planning.