so much has changed, today’s business challenge is to keep pace…

“Uncertainty” is the key theme of business today.  When will we be able to re-open our economy? What will it look like? Will second or third waves of COVID-19 restrictions emerge? How long can we survive? Should we be investing in our business and if so, what should we invest in?

Many critical questions remain. The solution is to ready your business for a range of possibilities, whilst remaining focussed on achieving your strategic goals.

We call this “Business Agility by Design”

There are constants that will support your business in these uncertain times.

  • Customer Experience. – When customers are stressed and in their own world of uncertainty, this is your opportunity to respond differently. Some organisations will rise to the occasion, providing exceptional customer experience, exceeding the promise of marketing and branding messages being sent out to customers. Organisations that do, will be remembered by customers for their empathy and care during challenging times.
  • Employee Experience – your people are in the same position as your customers. They too are dealing with uncertainty, stress and hardship. No one has solid answers. But this is a time where you can shine as a safe harbour in a storm. Don’t under-estimate the level of change occurring right now. Be flexible, be kind and trust your people to support you, they won’t let you down.

People won’t remember what you say… they will remember how you act

  • Communicating Values –Leaders emerge in a crisis. They communicate openly and transparently with concern for those within their sphere of influence and back it up with action. Leaders may be individuals within an organisation, (not necessarily with an executive title) or an organisation within an industry. Regardless, when you come across one, you’ll feel the difference.
  • Technology Assets – Conducting business at a distance will rely on technology to connect people with your services. Delivering the experience that leads them to transact is the challenge. The right technology is vital to your survival of economic hibernation. Your business may come out the other side bruised, but you’ll be ready to resume. Your ability to leverage and re-purpose your technology may be the key factor in your business recovery.

We appreciate the pressure that executive teams are facing now. There is a relentless and inescapable torrent of news, information and shameless marketing reaching our in-boxes. What you really need right now is a way to focus on what matters, make informed decisions and embrace agility.

At Design Agility, we invite you to have simple pragmatic conversations without the sales pitch.

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