Consulting Services

Design Agility is in the business of providing outcomes. Our desired outcomes are to see our clients creating a positive vision of the future for their organisation, assessing the outcomes needed, planning the steps to achieve their outcomes and selecting the best possible technology and process combination to achieve those outcomes.

We believe each business is different, in its goals, its situation and constraints; therefore each solution we provide is different, tailored to the specifics of each individual business. This is one of our major differentiators; Design Agility does not recommend technology simply because it is a product we are able to sell. We provide independent advice and recommendations that are based on the fulfilling the outcomes required by our clients.

Advisory Services

Understandably most business owners and executives don’t have the time to focus on technology and often don’t have staff with relevant skills and experience to give strategic, business outcome focussed technology advice; it’s simply not your core business and certainly not a capability you need full time.

Design Agility has the flexibility to provide ad hoc advisory services. Think of this as a Virtual CIO, the kind of resource you would want working for your business to give that level of advice, but just don’t need them full time.

It may be to:

  • Participate in the development or review of a business strategy or a technology strategy.
  • Facilitate workshops to define business outcomes
  • Review and respond to consultant reports or technology proposals received by the business
  • Provide “technology translation”, to answer those “What does this really mean?” questions.

It’s up to you, you decide how often you need them and what you need them to focus on.

Outcome Assessment

If you have decided that where you want your business to be in the future is not the same place as it is today, there is going to be a need for change!

This sounds obvious, but:

  • Where do you start?
  • What priority and value do you place on the outcomes you want to achieve?
  • Have you considered how this will impact your customers, staff and/or culture?
  • How will you measure your success against the desired outcomes?
  • What role will technology play in enabling the outcomes?
  • Can process improvement enable these outcomes?
  • How much will it cost? What value does it return?
  • How long will it take?

Your business needs a plan, a roadmap to take it from point A to point B, the plan needs to consider and provide answers to all of the questions above.

Again, do you have the time, skills and experience to bring this all together at the same time as you are running a business?

This is Design Agility’s bread and butter; we have done this for a range of business types, sizes and industries.

Technology Selection

When you’ve decided on your direction, what you need to achieve to get there and generically the technology you will need, the next step is to select the specific technology for the job.

Again, your desired outcomes are key to this decision making process, think of staff skills and ability to manage a new tool set, think of the users in your business, your customers, your business partners. Does this tool satisfy all of their requirements functionally, but equally importantly, does the tool make the experience of interacting with your business easier and or better for them?

There are a multitude of criteria to assess each tool against, and that’s without even looking at the technicalities of the tool.

  • Will it integrate with existing tools sets?
  • Can you share data across functions, processes and systems?
  • Will the tool grow and adapt with your business over time?
  • Does the tool give you a foundation to prepare you for the next series of changes, because there will be a next time.