Who We Are

We are the sum of our collective experiences.


Our experiences in life shape our outlook. We all have experiences, good and bad, be it business or personal. At Design Agility we are proud of grey hair and wrinkles. They are the postcards of a life full of experiences.

When those experiences are matched with a keen interest and understanding of business improvement, the knowledge of how and when to use technology and the ability to bring it all together in innovative ways... that's when you've got something really special. We called it Design Agility.

Our mission


We value relationships and will endeavour to build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients through superior service and value.


Technology is changing at an ever increasing pace, it is our responsibility to stay at the fore-front of technology trends and use to provide innovative solutions to our clients.


The real value of knowledge comes from its sharing with others. Design Agility is sharing its knowledge with LearntoLive, a humanitarian organisation that joins with communities worldwide to improve quality of life through healthcare, education, and access to clean water.