"To stand still is to fall behind."

More than ever, businesses need to respond and adapt to the constant change in markets, competitors, regulators and customer expectations. The technology, processes and thinking they use must continue to evolve if they are to achieve their strategic goals in the face of uncertainty.

Design Agility understands what it takes to achieve business agility; the ability to rapidly respond to change and to take advantage of the opportunities change presents.



Advisory Services

Understandably most business owners and executives don’t have the time to focus on technology and often don’t have staff with relevant skills and experience to give strategic, business outcome focussed technology advice; it’s simply not your core business and certainly not a capability you need full time.

Design Agility has the flexibility to provide ad hoc advisory services. Think of this as a Virtual CIO, the way to have a high level resource on tap without needing to employ them full time.

It’s up to you, you decide how often you need the resource and what you need them to focus on.

Agile Strategy

An organisational strategy sets the direction for action and change to realise a set of desired results.

The issue you will face, is that markets, competitors and regulations are constantly changing; your strategy must be flexible and embrace change to remain relevant.

To deal with constant change, the process of setting the organisational strategy must evolve into an agile and iterative process.

  • Be highly focussed in the near term, but allow for “shades of grey” further down the track.
  • Periodically reassess the strategy; focus and revalidate the “grey areas” into near term goals and reset the longer term horizon.

Agile Solutions

Utilise a flexible, iterative approach to the delivery of strategic goals to keep pace with the changes whilst maintaining a focus on maximising the benefit to the organisation.

An Agile approach manages the risks of delivering solutions that are defined in terms of outcomes in a fluid environment.

  • Setup a “sandbox” for solution development activities.
  • Rapidly iterate, test, trial and prove new business processes and products.
  • Release iterations into the business environment.
  • Realise business benefits early.

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